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The costumes

Members of "La Pastourelle du Val d'Arly" wear the festive costume typical of the Val d'Arly, the small alpine valley that links Savoie and Haute-Savoie. It dates from the mid-19th century.

Women's costume

Over a dark-colored two-piece dress, whose beauty lies in the quality of the fabrics, the woman wears a fringed shawl, in silk or wool embroidered with flowers and harmoniously draped.

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The headpiece can be:

- The round Beguine, white or black, made from a crown of piped and starched tulle.

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- Le Bonnet d'Héry, white or black, adorned with lace, jet pearls and silk flowers.

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As jewelry, the woman wears a "Jeannette" cross, held by a black velvet ribbon passing through a typical Savoy interlace or heart.

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Men's costume


The man wears a heavy jacket called "Maille". It's knitted tightly with stocking needles, using badly decatized wool in a natural shade. Geometric motifs, seasonal flowers and snow crystals adorn the facings, collars and pockets. Mother-of-pearl buttons complete the look.

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As for our "not so young", the woman wears the latest costume, with a capeline embellished with lace and jet pearls instead of a shawl, and a gold sautoir chain to hold the "Jeannette" cross. The man has put on his horse-maker's blouse and is wearing country cloth pants.


the teenage girls' costume


This is a variation on the feminine costume. On top of a dark-colored dress cut from high-quality fabric, the teenager wears a shawl fringed with wool and embroidered with flowers, harmoniously draped and completed by a small bonnet and a small cross on a velvet ribbon.


WOrk suite costume

For certain occasions, notably when we present scenes from traditional life, the members of the group wear working clothes, which are much simpler and made from locally-woven fabrics (hemp, linen, ....).


All these costumes are exact copies of clothes found in attics in and around Ugine. 

They have all been remade by the members themselves. We had to learn the skills of yesteryear to pipe the tulle for the beguines, fringe the shawls and knit the Mailles. 

All this work is the fruit of a great deal of research and patience.

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