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Danse lors des Noces Bretonnes à Languidic (56), photo de Christine Le Gallic


la pastourelle DU

About us

"La Pastourelle du Val d'Arly" is a typical mountain band from Ugine (Savoie). 


Founded in 1952 by Mr André GOYARD, it now has some forty members, including children, young people and the not-so-young.


Maintaining traditions through costumes, dances, songs, games and anectodes at its events, the group is also involved in safeguarding local heritage, both by passing on the skills and trades of yesteryear and by researching various subjects.

Whether it's for a wake, a modest village fete or a major folk gathering, it's always with the same pleasure that we perform for you. 


His motto is simple:

"Be proud to wear the traditional outfit and worthy of the region it represents".


With "La Pastourelle du Val d'Arly", its lucky mascot the little chimney sweep, its cascading "youstes" and its clarines, it's a breath of air from the Alps that comes to you.

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